Rivers of Ink Workshops 2015

 Maureen McQuerry and Steve Wallenfels speak

Maureen McQuerry and Steve Wallenfels speak

Planning a Book Launch, Laura Christianson

You have a book in the works. When should you reveal the cover? What should you include on your author website? Do you have to be engaged on several social networks? Run contests with big-ticket prizes? In this workshop, you’ll learn insider secrets for planning a successful book promotion.  (see Laura's Bio below)

Four Aspects of Magical Realism, Kathleen Alcalã

The class will read a short story together (I will hand out copies, but will also read it out loud). We will then discuss four traits that make it a work of magical realism. I will then provide a prompt, and the class will have 10 - 20 minutes to write. Those who choose to will share their work, and we will discuss what makes them magical realism, if anything. If time, I will end with a brief story of magical realism I wrote. (see Kathleen's Bio on the Keynote speaker page)

Finding Readers in the Digital Age, Elizabeth Fountain

This informal workshop examines the best ways for writers to find readers who will love their work. Participants will explore the tangle of options for publishing and promoting their writing, and will learn to use the same passion that sparks their work to connect with readers. (see Elizabeth's Bio below)

Touching the Hearts of Your Readers, Connie Connally

When your writing rings true emotionally, it lingers with your reader long after the last sentence. This seminar will focus on sharpening the emotional impact of our fiction and narrative nonfiction. We will read and discuss short literary excerpts, looking for details that suggest deeper emotional layers. We will explore how imagery can create an emotional setting and how a character’s unspoken responses might signal fears or painful memories. Through exercises, we will practice heightening emotion in our writing, making it unforgettable! (see Connie's Bio below)

Present Your Work at Festivals, Libraries, Bookstores & Cafes, Brandon Pitts

Authors are not finished when their work is published; they are expected to take part in marketing their work through live presentations. Internationally published poet Brandon Pitts will discuss the role of the writer in marketing and give tips on effectively presenting your work to a live audience. (see Brandon's Bio below)

Read Like A Writer, Annette Pimentel

When your critique group isn’t handy and that MFA program is out of reach, use a reading journal to hone your craft and research the marketplace. Learn how to set up a reading journal, what to put in it, and how to use it to grow as a writer. (see Annette's Bio below)

Point of View, DeeAnna Galbraith

Learn the different types of POV and which is best for your project. Weed out author intrusion and weak action by strengthening your character's point of view. Practice grounding your character's POV solidly when transitioning between multiple POVs. Workshop will use samples from published works. Bring your own favorite book to analyze. (see DeeAnna's Bio below)

Mind Your Own Business, Karen Spears Zacharias

"Mind Your Own Business" & other advice you need to ignore: Sure-fired skills to strengthen dialogue and storytelling abilities. (see Karen's Bio on the Keynote speaker page)  

More workshops to come...

Presenter Bios:

Laura Christianson Laura Christianson  hr

Laura Christianson owns Blogging Bistro (BloggingBistro.com), a Seattle-area marketing company that specializes in building custom WordPress websites for authors and small business owners; content writing and editing; social media and blog consulting; book launch campaigns, and book cover design.  Laura has authored three books and thousands of articles. She lives in Snohomish with her husband and their two young adult sons.  


Elizabeth Fountain

Elizabeth Fountain left a demanding job to pursue her dream of writing novels. A small press published her books An Alien’s Guide to World Domination (2013) and You, Jane (2014), and she has three more in the works. A seasoned educator and presenter, she loves connecting with authors and readers.    

Connie Hampton ConnallyC_Connally_04_web

I have a bachelor’s degree in English and am currently pursuing a master of fine arts in creative writing through the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. Over the years I have done professional editing and proofreading, contributed to newsletters, and assisted writers in critique groups. I have written a children’s book and adapted it for the stage (The Orchestra in the Living Room, published in 2005 by the Northwest Sinfonietta and performed in 2007 and 2008), and I am currently a guest columnist for the Tacoma News-Tribune. An essay I wrote was recently accepted for publication by the literary magazine riverSedge. Last year the first scene of my in-progress novel, Voice, won the Rivers of Ink writing contest. In addition, I have taught high school English (Tacoma Baptist Schools in Tacoma, WA) and children’s music classes, and recently I have led journaling activities at arts workshops in Tacoma. Because of my teaching background I am at ease and effective in front of groups, and I look forward to leading a seminar at Rivers of Ink.  

Brandon Pitts smallBrandon Pitts

Brandon Pitts is the author of Tender in the Age of Fury (Mosaic Press, 2015) and the popular poetry collection Pressure to Sing (IOWI, 2012). Known for subverting gospel and scripture to create political allegories, Brandon first came onto the Toronto lit scene in 2010 with the short story the BC Crib, published in the anthology Canadian Voices Volume II. In 2011, he was inducted into the prestigious Diaspora Dialogues as an "Emerging Voice” for fiction, followed by the novel Puzzle of Murders (Bookland Press, 2011) and the production of three plays.  

Annette PimentelPimentel ROI

Annette Bay Pimentel kept checking out picture books long after her 6 kids had stopped reading them and eventually she started writing them too. She has written for children's magazines and this year she had two books published by Amicus. She has three picture book biographies coming out in the next three years—one from Charlesbridge and two from Nancy Paulsen Books. She is represented by Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.  

Galbraith ROIDeeAnna Galbraith

DeeAnna is a freelance editor and travel agent for happy endings (romantic suspense, women’s fiction and mystery author). She writes and teaches for the love of it, has never met a dog she did not want to pet or a pie she did not want to taste. She tries to live life without props. She lives in Eastern Washington State with her first husband and HRH Pandora, the naughty goddess and sister Gretchen (miniature pinschers).