This year we are pleased to welcome Genevieve Nine of the Andrea Hurst Literary Agency to Rivers of Ink.

  GNine photo - River of Ink Genevieve has had a lifelong love affair with books. Her tastes are eclectic, ranging from the classics to quirky. She’s drawn to the fantastic, the curious, and the unexpected. Genevieve is looking to represent authors who weave layered tales with well-developed worlds and characters who threaten to burst from the page. She appreciates smart and original plots with well-crafted twists. And no matter how zany or diabolical, every character should be undeniably human at heart.   Genevieve joined Andrea Hurst Literary Management as an intern in 2012 and has a background in professional editing. She’s a Creative Writing MFA candidate at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, holds a Certificate in Children’s Writing from the University of Washington, and earned a B.A. in Film from USC. Traveling, Thai food, and Sherlock are a few of Genevieve's favorite things. She and her husband live in Seattle with their two naughty cats.    

Fiction Interests for Young Adult and Middle Grade:

fantasy, science fiction, mystery, contemporary realism (especially with an element of humor), historical fiction, retellings.  

Fiction Interests for Adult and New Adult:

mystery, thriller, quiet horror, historical fiction, retellings, romantic comedy, magical realism.  

Nonfiction Interests:

food memoirs, travel memoir/travelogues.  

Genevieve does not represent:

hard SF/military SF/space opera, graphic horror, erotica, religious fiction/nonfiction, short stories, poetry, screenplays.

Please visit for submission guidelines and genre specifics.