2018 Presenter Spotlight: Wendy Oleson

Wendy Oleson is the author of Please Find Us (winner of 2017 Gertrude Press Fiction Chapbook Contest) and Our Daughter and Other Stories (winner of 2016 Rachel Wetzsteon Chapbook Award). Her stories have appeared in Cimarron Review, Copper Nickel, Carve Magazine, and elsewhere. Wendy teaches for the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension and Washington State at Tri-Cities and is Associate Prose Editor for Fairy Tale Review. She lives in Walla Walla, WA with her wife and a hiccup-prone dog named Winston.

Wendy Oleson will share two presentations: Flash Fiction and Breaking Through Writer’s Block. Wendy Oleson’s class descriptions are provided below:

Flash Fiction. Over the last decade, the popularity of the flash fiction has exploded. This “narrative in miniature” (under 1,000 words) stretches writers’ ingenuity and readers’ expectations. In this session, we’ll talk about what makes a piece of flash tick. You’ll also leave with several flash-generating exercises to try on your own.

Breaking Through Writer’s Block. A writer has got to write, right? So what happens when it’s all coming out wrong…or worse, not at all!? In this Saturday afternoon session, we’ll talk about factors that fetter our writing momentum and at least a dozen strategies to break through the block!

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