2018 Presenter Spotlight: Wendy Kendall

About Wendy. Mystery writer finishing my first Cozy Mystery series Kat Out of the Bag. My love of writing and reading shows in my Recommended Reads column, syndicated through the Seattle Times. I’m also a Chanticleer Organization Book Reviewer. I’m a freelance blogger, editor, speaker, and catch my exciting mystery author interviews about books and the writing craft on my Podcast - Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries on YouTube, iTunes, and KBFG radio 107.3 FM. Learn more on my website wendywrites.org.

Wendy Kendall’s class descriptions are provided below:

The Contemporary Cozy. This presentation will teach the ingredients of a successful Cozy, and specifically what it is that the contemporary, target audience is hungry for in their reading. Includes advice from best selling Cozy authors. Learn how Cozy Mysteries have evolved.

Smart Social Media. Learn the advantages of different modes of social media, and the ways to select a mix that effectively establishes a productive social media presence. Then apply what you’ve learned to design your personalized social media plan.

Noir Resurgence. This presentation will explore the contemporary resurgence of Noir in books and screenplays. It will demonstrate what Noir is, how to recognize and use its techniques in the craft of writing a story. It will also show ways to effectively use elements of Noir in other genre writing.

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