2018 Presenter Spotlight: Krista Jensen

Krista writes contemporary romance, and fantasy. She is the author of OF GRACE AND CHOCOLATE (2012 Whitney Award Finalist), THE ORCHARD (2013 Whitney Award Finalist), FALLING FOR YOU (2014), and KISSES IN THE RAIN (2015 Whitney Award Finalist) with Covenant Communications. She has novellas in Love Unexpected: With All My Heart (2014, Covenant), Christmas Grace (2017, Covenant) and A Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letters (2014, Mirror Press), and Regency Christmas (coming 2018, Mirror Press). Many of Krista's readers and reviewers praise the way her settings come to life and bring an added depth to her stories, a compliment she greatly appreciates.

Krista Jensen will share two presentations: Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Contemporary World Building: Yes It’s a Thing. Krista Jensen’s class descriptions are provided below:

Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Romance in fiction is everywhere and we can’t get enough of it. But writing romance isn’t just “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back’. This class will explore the definition of romance, how to make it fresh, what it takes to draw readers into your characters’ hearts, and how to elicit the sigh.

Contemporary World Building: Yes It’s a Thing. Your contemporary setting is a character in your novel. Don't leave it out in the cold just because it's already familiar. Learn to take your chosen setting for your contemporary novel and KICK. IT. UP. Research, dig deeper, build higher, MAKE YOUR READERS WANT TO GO THERE AND NEVER LEAVE. Hands-on world-building worksheet.

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