2018 Presentation Spotlight: Secrets of Character Development

Secrets of Character Development, with Nicole Persun and Terry Persun. We can all think of inspiring and memorable characters—Harry Potter, Han Solo, Katniss Everdeen—but how did their authors create such magic on the page? In this class, we’ll first detail the various modes of character development: dialogue and voice, physical appearance and movement, actions, thoughts, narrative commentary, and more. Then we’ll cover the common pitfalls of character development—info dumps, too much (or too little) emotion, etc—and how to avoid them. From big action and moral dilemmas, to the unseen but essential subtleties of revealing character word-by-word, we’ll show attendees how to write unforgettable, realistic characters.

Nicole J. Persun writes in many genres. Her epic fantasy novel, DEAD OF KNIGHT, won a Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award in 2013. Her debut women’s fiction title, THE INGREDIENTS OF US, will be released with Lake Union Publishing in 2019. Nicole has a master’s degree in creative writing and is a board member of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association. When she’s not writing, Nicole can be found spending time with her husband, horse and two cats.

Terry Persun has published four poetry books, dozens of short stories, and over 20 novels. He is the recipient of seven novel and poetry awards. He writes across a variety of genres from mainstream to science fiction. Terry is a regular speaker at writers’ conferences, libraries, and universities. www.terrypersun.com

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